Dear GRAZy Salsa & Bachata Lovers! 

We are sooooo looking forward to see you very soon at Grazy SALSA & Bachata FESTIVAL!

To be as good informed as possible and to make it a very stress-free and well organized weekend, we would like to give you some further information.



... take place at TANZSCHULE CONNY & DADO, Körösistrasse 81/8010 Graz (

You can choose the workshops however you want. But please take care to choose the right level! 

OPEN LEVEL: Everyone welcome!
IMPROVER/INTERMDIATE: You know the basics and danced for at least one year in a regular dance class - come in!
INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED: You know the basics in your sleep and would like to get some challenge - come in!
ADVANCED: You are an experienced dancer, at least 3 years training recommended - come in!

1b) PLEASE TAKE CARE... bring some clean shoes with light soles to the workshops! We have dressing rooms to change shoes and clothes! throw empty bottles, papers etc. in the trash and help us to provide a clean and nice atmosphere!

...not to hesitate if you have any questions or need anything! 


We would be happy if you join the group foto!

The foto will be taken at 1pm on Saturday  in the Hall 1 (right after the workshops in the morning and before the lunch break!)


The shoe shop in the dance school is open on both days during the workshops! If you wanna try some models please do not hesitate to ask at the reception!

We also have some new nice T-Shirts for all the GRAZy Dancers! You can get those lovely  T-Shirts for only €!


Around the dance school area you have to pay a parking fee from Mo-Fr, 9.00 am - 8.00 pm  AND Saturday 9.00 am - 1.00 pm (BLUE ZONE), around Thalia and Congress Centre you have to pay from Mo-Fr, 9.00 am - 8.00 pm AND on Saturday from 9.00 am - 1.00 pm (BLUE ZONE). You can pay the fee at one of the ticket mashines on the street!

There is some parking space directly in front of the dance school (Körösistrasse 81), free of charge, but only very few!!!



Take your chance to improve your styling!!! Have a look at the Workshop Plan!



The Friday Welcome Party starts at 9pm with a little workshop teaser and take place at THALIA BAR, Opernring 5a/8010 Graz.( )

The GALA on Saturday starts at 9pm and takes place at Congress Centre Graz,Sparkassenplatz 1, 8010 Graz (


4.) DRINKS and FOOD during the workshops

In our Dance School we have a nice bar which provides you coffee, tea, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks all day long.

In the lunch breaks we orginzed locations for food with special offers for you:


...Lunch @Auer (2 minutes walk from the dance school!)
You buy a snack and you will get some sweet snack for free! 


...Lunch @the Chinese Restaurant opposite the street
The restaurant will offer you an all „you can eat“ buffet for 9,90€ 



Please keep in mind that online registration finishes on Wednesday, 16th May, 24.00, afterwards you get all passes (subject to availability at the door!)!
We have very long registration and office times to make your stay as stressless as possible.

Our team is looking forward to welcome you!
Here you find the opening hours!


We are sure it will be a great weekend and a great celebration!

We wish you a good rest to be prepared for nonstop dancing!

If you have any further questions please let us know!


CU soon,

Conny, Dado, Angie and the whole organisation team