LET'S welcome them warmly in GRAZ!!




 DJ Julian the Duke (London, GB) 

68373941_10156523314612666_1543256464703881216_o.jpgDJ Julian is originally from Colombia and is considered to be one of the first Salsa Dj’s who started Salsa in the UK. He has been a Dj for more than 25 years playing at various congresses and venues around the world.
During his visit to Hong Kong in 2008 he was awarded the certificate of participation for his outstanding performance. In January 2015 he got the "Stars of Salsa" - Award for all his efforts in the UK Salsa community.

Julian believes Salsa is a way to bring happiness and to unite people from all backgrounds throughout music. He is also a lovely and considerate social dancer.

Que vive la SALSA!  
Julian “The Duke”



 DJ Rene (Linz, A) 

DJRene_2_3.jpgSince many years René is a well known and fixed part of the Austrian Salsa & Bachata scene - as a dancer, Dj and event organizer.
Along with his love for Salsa & Bachata dancing grew also his passion for Latin Music - Having the ears and the taste for a perfect sound and musicmix Dj René has made his way up to be one of Austrias best Djs.

In addition to various Salsa events in Austria and international festivals abroad he is one of the resident Djs at the weekly Salsa & Bachata partys in his hometown.





DJ Rocco Loco (Ljubljana, SI)

DJ Rocco Roco.jpg

Rok, known as DJ Rocco loco, is one of the leading DJ's for Salsa and Bachata in Slovenia.

He's been in this game for more than 15 years, playing at parties in neighboring countries (Austria, Croatia, Italy) as well as at different festivals and events around the world, including NYC.

Besides being a DJ, he is also a dance instructor and owns a dance studio in Ljubljana with his dance partner.

He is deeply dedicated to dance and music.








DJ LINDO (Graz, A)

66687819_10219383127354993_4316517762559115264_n.jpgDj Lindo, born in Udine, is not only a DJ but also a dance teacher at the Conny & Dado dance school. His fascination with salsa began in 1997.

The passion for music led to a large collection of Latin American songs.

As a DJ for salsa, mambo, bachata and kizomba, he provides the right momentum and hot rhythms on the dance floor.
Since October 2014 he has been DJ resident at the Thalia Bar in Graz and at several festivals and weekends in Zagreb, Wels, Lublijana and Maribor.




DJ Dani (Córdoba, ES)

DJ Dani.pngGetting first into DJing at a young age and later on, exploring the social dance world, Dani combines his passions and delights Latin dancers with his music selection (mainly as Bachata DJ). His taste in Latin music is influenced by the lively Bachata scene in Andalucía. The mission: to celebrate all facets of Bachata – newest hits, timeless treasures, music for sensual dancers, traditional Bachata, romantic and energetic songs, and everything in between.

DJ Dani currently lives in Vienna, where he is well known as a dancer, organizer, teacher, and DJ.
He is especially happy to be part of GRAZy Salsa & Bachata Festival, as it is his first visit to Graz.